“Herd Watch,” a dedicated public observation effort of our American Herds of wild horses and burros.

The purpose is to create a concise database of information that tracks public lands range health, gather operations and the disposition of American wild equids. The database will be utilized as a tool to educate and inform the public to provide accurate responses in the public process of democratic government. The database could also be utilized by groups or agencies tasked with the historical documentation of American heritage.

Currently conflicting information about subjects surrounding American herds exists. Concise, available information about range health, populations in the wild and in holding facilities, roundup mortality, range health including areas previously “zeroed out” etc. does not exist in a single database.

Teams will be provided with the necessary tools to perform each facet of the project. Written guides detailing what they are observing, how to document and track data, and behavioral protocol will be formulated and distributed. Conferences will be held via Internet or in person to ensure accurate documentation.

Data will be formatted by each team leader and loaded into a closed access website. Data will also be stored in a central location.

High school age students will be given the opportunity to participate via an interactive webpage. Not only instructors in the disciplines of science and biology who introduce concepts of conservation, but also instructors of mathematics to demonstrate statistics, will be able to utilize the webpage and introduce students to these disciplines.

Through the distribution of this material, both written and photographic to the American public, we can begin to educate and inform people about protecting this American treasure.

Edited 3/24/2011

The task of creating a base on “hands-on” management, that has resulted in a federal lawsuit to protect the public’s right to know, has been a monumental task this last year.

The “dream” of aHerd Watch has not disappeared. News soon.